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Martes 26 de agosto de 2014
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Welcome to the University of the Future
The Telegraph
  • It is one of the most elite universities in the world - where each and every graduate is expected to go on to become a billionaire, future world leader, or both. Yet despite being more exclusive than Oxford, MIT and Harvard, most people have never even heard of it.
  • Singularity University, a small unaccredited institute based at Nasa's research centre in northern California, is attracting the brightest minds in America and beyond.
  • At SU biology, physics, computer science are replaced with synthetic biology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence. And on top of that to keep up with what the university calls the "exponential growth of technology", the syllabus has to be re-written fives times a year.
  • According to Ross Shott, managing director of the graduate studies programme, people would pay millions to know what they teach at SU, so "who needs academic accreditation?”

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Informe de evento: Apple Distingished Educator Global Institute 2014
Por: Carlos Alberto Suárez Mora, líder de proyectos en Tecnología Educativa
  • John Couch, director de educación, en su charla New dimensions in Learning - engaging new generation, aborda el dilema de aprendizaje por consumo-memorización vs. aprendizaje basado en un diseño-creativo-innovador. Considera que el modelo tradicional de memorización y actividades repetitivas no despiertan el interés por aprender sino que es solo por el cumplimiento de una actividad.
  • La propuesta de Apple es fortalecer las competencias, descentralizar el salón de clases, cambiar los roles de pertinencia del conocimiento y motivar al profesor a usar activamente la tecnología.
  • En el evento participaron profesores de 31 países que presentaron sus experiencias en el uso de tecnología dentro y fuera del salón de clase para diversos alumnos incluyendo aquellos con discapacidad motriz y debilidad visual.
Descarga el informe completo: http://goo.gl/9SmF2e

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Florida College Opens A Library Without Books
Business Insider
  • Florida Polytechnic University in Tampa has just opened. The campus has a gorgeous library building that features a sunlit arched roof and cozy reading chairs - but not a single book. A fully digital library is among the futuristic features of Florida Polytechnic University's striking dome-shaped building, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.
  • At the library students can access more than 135,000 ebooks on their choice of reader, tablet or laptop. The university budgeted $60,000 to buy titles through software allowing students one free browse. With the second click, the university purchases the digital book. "Instead of the librarian putting books on the shelf that I think would be relevant, the students are choosing," said Kathryn Miller, the university's director of libraries.
  • Old-fashioned books can be requested on loan from libraries at Florida's 11 other public universities.
  • Without stacks to organize, librarians staffing the main reference desk, which is called a success desk, will steer students to tutoring resources and train them in managing digital materials.

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If It Isn't Disruptive Innovation Then What Is It? Try 'Quantum Innovation' On For Size
  • Adi Ignatius, editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review, interviewed Professor Clayton Christensen on the famous recent controversy about disruptive innovation. Christensen admitted that “the choice of the word ‘disruption’ was a mistake I made twenty years ago.”  Christensen’s comment begged the question: if not ‘disruptive’ innovation then what should it called?
  • Since the introduction of the term in the mid-nineties the use of the terms “disruptive innovation” and  “disruptive” have proliferated beyond all reason. The imprecise usage have hijacked a common and consistent understanding of the theory while diluting its intent, potency and development.
  • In traditional technological and industrial domains classically disruptive innovations tend to be straightforward, relatively simple products and services with a clearly defined job to get done. Further, there are few, if any, truly disruptive innovations.
  • Christensen suggest that we can borrow a metaphor from physics where the Newtonian paradigm is still quite accurate for objects traveling at rates less than the speed of light. But at the sub-atomic level, we required a whole new paradigm known as quantum mechanics where all events are expressed as series of probabilities and matter and energy  are both waves and particles at the same time.
  • Welcome to the wacky world of quantum innovation.

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Carlos Slim Foundation Features Coursera on New Site for U.S. Hispanic Community
  • The Carlos Slim Foundation is Coursera’s major partner in the Spanish-speaking world. The partnership aims to improve access to education among Spanish speaking learners.
  • On August 12th, The Carlos Slim Foundation unveiled Acceso Latino a completely free website that can provide Latinos access to better opportunities through education, learning English, and job training.
  • Acceso Latino will provide content, free of charge and in Spanish, in each of these critical areas: Online job training for in-demand employment; academic education from elementary to the university level provided by Khan Academy, MIT-Open Course Ware, Coursera and Académica; online resources for learning English; Health care information on common topics, including professional medical advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the whole family; and information on human and labor rights.

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Coursera's MOOCs Go To Work: What MasterCard Is Learning
  • An intriguing strategy tweak is taking shape at Coursera, the pioneer of massively open online courses, or MOOCs: the company is welcoming big firms such as MasterCard, BNY Mellon, AT&T and Shell, as they seek new content for employee training and development.
  • The business case is obvious. Coursera has become an education giant, the company offers more than 700 courses in subjects ranging from emotional intelligence to linear circuits. It has built a globe-spanning list of renowned teaching partners, while attracting more than seven million signups.
  • Last year, Coursera introduced its Signature track, in which students pay about $50 to take verified exams and earn a certificate of completion. Some students have signed up on their own. But if corporations steer large groups of their employees toward specific Coursera offerings, that’s an even more reliable way to get paid.
  • Two Coursera offerings have attracted MasterCard, a company that has a generous tuition-reimbursement program for employees. One is a course on web applications that’s been offered to 2,500 employees; the other is a behavioral economics class that’s been offered to 300 marketers.

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Seven Over 70
MIT Technology Review
  • Innovation isn’t a chauvinist when choosing her servants: older people are as capable of new thinking as the young.
  • The economist Robert Solow, the Nobel Prize in chemistry, Ada Yonath, and Charles Townes, who invented the laser, are among the seven innovators over the age of 70.

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Wear This Device So the Boss Knows You’re Losing Weight
  • Companies, facing rising health expenses, are increasingly buying or subsidizing fitness-tracking devices to encourage employees and their dependents to be more fit.
  • The oil company BP Plc (BP) offered Cory Slagle -- a 260-pound 51-year-old employee -- an unusual way to trim $1,200 from his annual insurance bill. The option was to wear a fitness-tracking bracelet from Fitbit Inc. to earn points toward cheaper health insurance. With the gadget, Slagle walked more than 1 million steps over several months, wirelessly logging the activity on the device. Twelve months later, Slagle has dropped 70 pounds (31.8 kilograms) and 10 pant sizes in the process.
  • Technology companies are taking note on this new trend. Fitbit has a sales force dedicated to pitching employers and insurance companies, and touts software to make it easier to log the activity of workers.
  • Wearable gadgets are advancing beyond tracking steps, with sensors to monitor heart rates, glucose levels, body temperature and other functions.

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