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Martes 28 de octubre de 2014
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Colleges Offer Hands-On Tech Engagement
EdTech Magazine
  • The University of Oklahoma and The Grand Valley State University have created immersive and engaging environments where students, faculty and staff — and even the general public — can freely explore. By providing hands-on access, officials hope to spark ideas on how such technology might improve teaching and learning.
  • "Students are getting a glimpse of the future (...) They can try things out, they can play with them. It's a huge learning opportunity, and it can inspire them." says David Goodspeed, OU's director of innovation, creativity and marketing for campus stores.
  • At Grand Valley State University "Students, faculty and staff can come together and discuss how they can improve student learning with emerging technologies (...) It helps to accelerate the topic of educational technology at the university."
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These 7 Ed Tech Solutions Will Split $20M From the Gates Foundation
Education Dive
  • Seven courseware developers are winning finalists for $20 million in funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for online courseware that helps low-income students in 100- and 200-level college courses with large enrollments.
  • The projects that win funding will agree to a three-year design, development, and implementation period, including third-party evaluations to measure the impact on students and a broad sharing of lessons learned.
  • Meet the finalists vying for Gates funding: Acrobatiq, Cerego, CogBooks, Lumen Learning, OpenStax College, Smart Sparrow and Open Learning Initiative.
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Rethinking Higher Ed: A Case for Adaptive Learning
  • Higher education is notorious for adjusting slowly to change and the pedagogical view that instruction must be taught in the traditional classroom has long been defeated. Many believe adaptive learning technologies will pave the way for a pedagogical renaissance.
  • In a recent Gallup and Inside Higher Ed survey, two in three college and university presidents believed adaptive learning would make a “positive impact on higher education.”
  • Adaptive technology’s greatest strength comes in its ability to conform and compliment student learning. In the right hands such technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we perceive traditional learning and, if implemented, these new tools will not only change the face of higher education—they’ll transform the way we approach postsecondary pedagogy.
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4 Ways Academic Libraries Are Adapting For The Future
Fast Company
  • Despite all the dire predictions for the future of academic libraries in the digital age, when people believed the digitalization of print would make them irrelevant, universities around the country are evolving their libraries and intellectual centers into catalysts for discovery, learning, collaboration, and scholarly breakthroughs.
  • Libraries have become the heart of the spirit of collaboration and innovation--going beyond being places to merely access knowledge to become hubs to truly explore and create. The library as the great “Intellectual Convener.”
  • The role a library needs to play on an academic campus will continue to evolve over the next two decades. Libraries must now foster a positive ecology of relationships, connectivity settings, and tools layered together to foster discovery and learning within the context of a dynamic academic framework.
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Impacts of MOOCs on Higher Education
Inside Higher Ed
  • An international group of higher education institutions convened by learning researcher and theorist George Siemens gathered last week to explore the impacts of MOOCs on higher education.
  • The takeaway? Higher education is going digital, responding to the architecture of knowledge in a digital age, and MOOCs, while heavily criticized, have proven a much-needed catalyst for the development of progressive programs that respond to the changing world.
  • Here are a few of the effects MOOCs have had on our colleges or universities: Increased institutional consciousness around the future of digital; Elevated appreciation for the profession of teaching; Team-based course design and more.
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Yes, Tractor Beams Are Real... And Getting Better
  • Science is literally inching closer to the science fiction fantasy of starship-towing tractor beams. Physicists working in Australia have created just such a system using lasers to push and pull tiny particles a distance of 20 centimeters.
  • The technique is also versatile because it can be done with a single laser beam, Star Trek-style. Of course, it might take a while to scale the technology up from moving tiny glass particles to something like, say, the International Space Station.
  • Dr. Vladlen Shvedov, one of the scientists involved in the project, says he hopes the results can be scaled up and used for practical purposes like controlling atmospheric pollution or nabbing tiny, fragile or dangerous objects for study.
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