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National Education Week


National Education Initiative (NEI) advances education innovation across all education sectors — K-12, Higher Ed and Lifelong Learning — by providing intellectual, financial and network capital to education innovators wherever they operate. National Education Week, the flagship event of National Education Initiative, is a gathering of thought leaders who shape and lead innovations in education across the K-12, Higher Ed, and Lifelong Learning sectors. AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS
-Adaptive Learning: Where Will the Momentum Take Us?
-Community Colleges: What’s Next
-Connecting Education to the "Real World"
-Design for New Schools: New Models That Are Changing Learning for the Better
-New Frontiers in Teacher Education and Credentialing
-Next Gen Credentialing: More Than Just Academics
-The Wave That Has Already Crashed: What Millenials Demand in Education and Expect in the Workforce

Washington, DC